Our Man In Havana is a New York-based creative agency that helps clients define and tell their stories in ways that will connect with consumers and move them to act.


We’re Not For Everyone.

As our name suggests, we're here for clients looking for help in challenging the status quo or fighting the establishment. For fourteen+ years, we've helped clients improve their businesses by giving voice to brands that are either not being heard, are poorly understood or are struggling under the weight of behemoth competitors.

We’re Fearless.

And we love to work with fearless, renegade clients. Much of the work we do takes the shape of uncovering greatness where it's unrecognized or underdeveloped and at times that requires leaps of faith. Plus, we're more than happy to parachute in when fan and shit are on a collision course.

We Make Small Dollars Feel Big.

We believe when you have something truly compelling to say, you don't have to scream. And most often, the key is precise targeting and having a uniquely relevant message at just the right moment. Of course, if you have half a billion dollars burning a hole in your pocket, we'll make that work too.

We Believe In The Power Of Small.

As a client, the benefit of our size means you get the A-team every time and aren't subject to lengthy process, revolving staff and big-agency overhead that includes things like wardrobe allowances. And while our outfits might not be as fancy, our independence from a parent company means that we have no agenda other than doing great work that makes a difference. 

We Leave Our Egos At The Door.

Our names aren’t on the door for a reason: we don't have cool sounding names. Actually the truth is, our company name characterizes how we work and want to be seen by our clients: as a trusted ally. We believe in the power of collaboration and partnership, not gurus or former legends.

We're not good followers.

While following the paths of other successful brands may yield success in the short term, that approach means forever relying on someone else to lead the way. We prefer to find the answer that’s right for your brand and yours alone. 

We value work that works over work that wins awards.

While the measures of success are always up for discussion, our goal is to create or seize opportunities and deliver on them so we can help our clients' business. Long ago, we decided not to be driven by awards, but it doesn’t mean we haven’t received them. The one we’re most proud of winning is the Advertising Age Small Agency of the Year award because it’s based on the agency’s overall creative, culture and effectiveness of the work. 

We’d Love To Meet You.

We’re always looking for smart, interesting clients that share our goal of finding the other way in to the hearts and minds of consumers. Drop us a line, and let's talk.