We are a New York-based boutique advertising agency that helps clients define and tell their stories. After 13 years in business, we've learned a few things that define and guide us along our path: 


We’re Not For Everyone.

We love to work with the underdogs, the challenger brands, the folks who find themselves being overlooked or misunderstood. As our name suggests, we're here for clients that need a place to turn for help fighting the establishment or the status quo.



A boutique shop not a department store, a bistro not a chain restaurant, an out-of-the-way cocktail bar not a trendy nightclub.


We’re Not Makeover Artists.

We dig deep into the core DNA of a brand to uncover a distinct truth that we can bond with a consumer insight—rather than try to fool consumers with cosmetic surgery.  As DJ Stout said, "Solve the problem. Don't decorate."


We’re Fearless.

And we love to work with fearless, renegade clients. We love to help uncover greatness where it's unrecognized, and often find ourselves parachuting in when fan and shit are on a collision course.


We Make Small Dollars Feel Big (And Big Dollars Feel Smart).

We believe when you have something truly compelling to say, you don't have to scream. A tap on the shoulder at just the right moment might be better.


We Love Risk. But Favor The Calculated Kind.

We always aim to deliver fresh and innovative thinking, but understanding the triggers that make things work allows us to build on success.


We Believe In The Power Of Small.

We don’t want to be a big agency or part of a big network—our independence means that we have no agenda other than doing great work that makes a difference. Being lean and mean allows us to defy the law of physics that dictates the larger a mass becomes, the more likely it is to be guided by financial decisions.


We Leave Our Egos At The Door.

Our names aren’t on the door for a reason. Our company name characterizes how we work and want to be seen by our clients: as a trusted ally. When we work with clients, we’re in it together. If you need a guru, call Lee Clow.


We Don’t Chase, We Find.

While chasing the paths of other successful brands may yield success in the short term, that approach means forever following someone else. We’d rather cut through the woods to find the answer that’s right for your brand and yours alone. 


We value work that works over work that wins.

Long ago, we took Bruce Mau’s advice and decided not to be driven by awards, but it doesn’t mean we haven’t received them. The one we’re most proud of winning is the Advertising Age Small Agency of the Year award because it’s based on the agency’s overall creative, culture and financials. 


We’d Love To Meet You.

We’re always looking for smart, interesting clients that share our goal of finding the other way in to the hearts and minds of consumers. Drop us a line, and let's talk.