The Bronx Zoo had plenty of awareness, but staying relevant was a different animal altogether.

One would assume that people go to the Bronx Zoo to see the animals. But as we discovered on a sunny September afternoon, one would be wrong. After speaking with a large and varied selection of visitors, we were surprised to find that it was nature, family time, and a genuine sense of wonder that drew them in.


Building on this insight, we employed hyperreal photography to create
a multi-media campaign that focused less on animals, and more on
human reactions.

Bronx Zoo ad with young boy and frog - “Our mission is to make sure moments like this never become extinct"
Bronx Zoo ad with father and daughter at zoo - "Life changing events happening daily"

The images were carefully lit and framed with the intent of making
the viewer feel as though they were right there, amid the zoo’s
stunning habitats.

Multimedia ad campaign for Bronx Zoo by OMIH creative agency
Print ad design for Bronx Zoo"Come back to wildlife" ad campaign for Bronx Zoo

Our tagline, initially written for the campaign, was adopted by the brand and promptly trademarked.

"Come back to wildlife" ad campaign for Bronx Zoo

With a thoughtfully considered media plan, we placed the ads in spaces that would accentuate their natural beauty, juxtaposed against the grey, NYC reality.

Dramatic subway ad campaign for Bronx Zoo
"Come back to wildlife" subway ad for Bronx Zoo

Ultimately, we were able take over the city with campaign that drove jaded New Yorkers to revisit a place they’d known about for years, but had long since neglected. Not by showing them the faces of wild cats and exotic reptiles, but rather, the faces of people who—just like them—could benefit from a bit of wonderment.

Bronx Zoo creative agency case study