Turning a foreign chicken into a local favorite.

Despite its global recognition and famously spicy PERi-PERi sauce, fast casual chicken restaurant, Nando’s wasn’t reaching consumers where it mattered: top of mind. So we took it upon ourselves to pull Nando’s out of the peripheral of their target audience and drop them right into the very center of consumers’ headspace — how? By tapping into the year’s biggest trend of course! Mindfulness and meditation.


And thus, “Go To Your Spicy Place” was born — a campaign that jokingly positioned Nando’s as more than a simple chicken restaurant, but rather, a desired state of being.

ooh in situ.jpg

Using archetypal background footage from cheesy guided mediation videos on YouTube, and the soothing voiceover of a meditation guru, we created spots that gently guided consumers into a place of spicy discovery and flavorful enlightenment. Deliberately cut-and-paste-like imagery of the product offering let consumers know we were in on our own joke. 


The videos ran as pre-roll and they always linked back to the campaign website which we dubbed “Your Spicy Place.”

Here consumers could explore the eclectic menu, learn more about the brand, discover an exclusive buy-one-get-one deal and even share funny, custom content with friends.


Upon arrival, the site congratulated consumers on finding their Spicy Place, and encouraged them to guide their friends there as well through humorously crafted emails written in the tone of an enlightened sage.


Given that people often interact with guided meditation through audio recordings, radio was also a natural creative choice. 

Additionally, we created custom digital audio content for Pandora which wooed listeners through self-aware messaging that bashed commercial breaks and promised consumers newfound enlightenment in their spicy place.


Our “Affirmation Generator” — a simple activation which turned out shareable spoof-like versions of all those life-affirming quote posts you always see on Instagram — allowed consumers to get in on the joke, and to share their newfound spiciness with their friends and followers across their own social pages.

Through this campaign, we were able to help Nando’s stick out in the bland, yet crowded competitive space, while simultaneously communicating a key product offering and connecting with consumers on a level that was not only relevant, but uniquely topical. 

Sure enough, we helped people in search of illumination, consciousness, peace, and yes, lunch, find what they were looking for.