omih holiday gift

Every year we create a gift for our clients to show our appreciation for their partnership and their trust. The criteria is simple: it has to be completely original, we have to create it ourselves, and it has to elicit a smile. Here's some favorites.


In 1975 musician Brian Eno and artist Peter Schmidt released a deck of cards called “Oblique Strategies” intended to provide a course of action for musicians when faced with a dilemma. With this gift, we paid homage to those cards and their authors.


We thought it would be great if we could schedule one hour each day to spend coming up with the next brilliant idea. But as the prologue to the book says, alas, it's just not possible to schedule when greatness will come to mind. Nevertheless, we created a calendar/datebook with an added 1-hour slot we named "The Hidden Hour," that appears at random times throughout each week. And we added plenty of blank pages in the back for when the moment does strike.



To pay tribute to the entirely overused word of 2016, "bespoke," we partnered with Faribault Woolen Mill Co. to create our own bespoke scarf. In four dashing colors and complete with a quote from our namesake book.



The idea was quite simple: brass knuckles with the message, "OMIH, Your Secret Weapon." But we learned that actual brass knuckles are actually illegal. So we took a slightly more lawful approach and had them 3-D printed in dark chocolate. The punch hurts a little less.



After much debate, we decided not to have a holiday party, so instead, we gave one as a gift, in the form of the OMIH "Holiday Party On A Stick:" a memory stick filled with holiday music, cocktail and snack recipes, and videos.



For all of our years of doing it, we resisted doing anything cigar related, feeling it was too obvious. Alas, for 2012 we all gave in, albeit with a “ginger bread twist.” Most popular holiday gift we’ve ever done—go figure.




We always wanted to make custom flasks, and felt the spirit of the quote fit the spirit of what we were living that year. The quote came from our friend Lance's close friend, Felipe.



The tin of our now famous "Create/Destroy" pencils. J-Bone was the designer and brainchild of the pencils. Maria, a designer here, argued that the gift would mean more if it was just one pencil. She got overruled but still spent hours lovingly handcrafting each tin.



The economy had tanked and we felt a bit of reassurance was in order. We found the original British posters and story behind them, then re-created archival prints and framed them with the story on the back.



The gag was "peace on earth." The gift was an atlas. The sleeve was a bookmark placed on the Cuba map page.

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