Pyure organic

Taking a stance against sugar (literally).

Everybody knows that cutting back on sugar is beneficial to your health. However, the minute one sets out to accomplish this, they’re met with an abundance of conflicting information, pseudo-science, and boring health studies. We saw an opportunity for sugar-free sweetener brand, Pyure Organic, to step in and set the record straight. And to do so in a fun, engaging way that would not only educate but also entertain consumers.


Working with expert influencers, we created Sweet Talk and Shavasana, a short-form, episodic “talk show” that took place in a yoga studio and focused on health, wellness, and the many confusions surrounding sugar consumption. 


To support these efforts, we also created an abundance of native advertising and branded content. 

Real Simple.jpg

Strategically placed host-read ads on relevant podcasts helped us insert the brand into conversations that already surrounded health and wellness. 


An expansive digital campaign was built out as well, further establishing Pyure Organic’s position as a smart, go-to choice for sugar-replacement. 


We also created a commercial spot starring our Sweet Talk host, Jenn, which educated consumers on the benefits of switching to Pyure Organic Stevia in a funny and over-the-top way. 


So were we able to clear up the confusion around confections once and for all? Unlikely. But if 151 million impressions are any indication, we were we able to intrigue quite a lot of sugar addicts to click, learn more, and even purchase — a pretty sweet victory if you ask us.