HYATT Ziva and HYATT zilara

Lousy locations? Bland buffets? Shoddy service? When it comes to all-inclusive resorts, there are plenty of skeptics out there. So we sent three —in the form of an adventurer, a foodie, and a mom — to Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos to see if we could prove them wrong. The theory being: if we can provide the perfect vacation and earn the trust of an Ultimate Skeptic, surely we can do it for you.

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Throughout their time at the resort, each skeptic posted about their respective experiences on social media. We then compiled posts and footage to create short videos which we served to all audiences across multiple social channels and profiles, as well as the brand website.

The posts elicited quite a lot of attention (and quite a lot of likes) for both the content and the brand.


Through this campaign, not only were we able to win over three incredibly stubborn skeptics — we were able to win over our audience
as well.

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